29 August 2022


About us

Our vision: that all people have the power to shape their own lives in inclusive local democracies and sustainable societies. We are a part of SALAR and work globally with strengthening democracy and good governance at a local level.

In many parts of the world, communities and people suffer from the consequences of violence, conflicts and oppression. It affects people's opportunities to live and shape their own lives. A well-functioning local democracy and good governance are part of the solution.

The Swedish tradition of long-term agreements, inclusion and dialogue has given us the prerequisites for strengthening democracy and good governance at a local level. We work all over the world, for example in Tunisia, Ukraine, Iraq and Colombia, and work with ministries, authorities and organizations representing municipalities and regions. The projects are usually funded by Swedish and international donor agencies.

Our work is based on in-depth knowledge and an ability to understand our partners' potential for development and how sustainable results can be achieved together. In addition to our own employees, we employ Swedish and international experts in order to achieve the best project results.

We are a value-based organization pervaded by the fundamental principle that all humans are created equal. We value knowledge, are curious and want to share the perspectives and experiences of others to develop our business. We have the courage propose the solutions that we believe will lead to sustainable results. We question the status quo and dare to take on challenging tasks in complex environments.

Tack för att du hjälper oss!

SALAR International

SALAR International is a company, owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. We focus on the development of well-functioning local and regional administrations.