28 February 2023


Urban development project in Tunisia becomes reality

Many cities in Tunisia struggle with lack of green areas and common public spaces. SALAR International’s SymbioCity project in the municipality of El Mourouj, Tunisia, has resulted in a parc development plan, which is now being realized.

From 2018 to 2020, SALAR International supported the municipality of El Mourouj with urban development support based on the SymbioCity Approach. The support targeted strategically placed politicians and civil servants to increase their awareness and provide new tools with methodologies in order to help improve the local urban environment.

You can really consider this to be the result of the capacitation the SymbioCity Approach provided, says Chiraz Gafsia, previously local urban expert at SALAR International and currently Project Manager at UN Habitat.

Maher Hadhri, Sabah Zorgui (Landscape architect) and Chiraz Gafsia.

Maher Hadhri, Sabah Zorgui (Landscape architect) and Chiraz Gafsia.

Maher Hadhri was one of the members of the SymbioCity working group who took the knowledge to heart. After the project he began advocating for a greener and more sustainable environment. Later he was elected mayor of the municipality. But it did not stop there, he then contacted Chiraz and together they carried the SymbioCity work further and are now realizing the parc project and informing people on how to make it sustainable with help from UN Habitat funding.

It's such a joy to see youth from civil society engaged in cleaning up the park. The municipality has mobilized plenty of workers and we have planted 90 trees and plants, but we still need additional funding to complete the whole project. I don't like things unfinished so I won't give up until we are done here, says Chiraz.

The working group planting trees.

The working group planting trees.

The SymbioCity Approach

The SymbioCity Approach supports cities in planning sustainably and identifying inclusive and innovative solutions to urban challenges through synergies between different urban systems. The approach is largely founded on practical experience and expertise from Swedish local governments.

Inclusive Urban Development for sustainable and inclusive cities

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