20 June 2022


IRAQ - Local Governance Development

The Project Local Governance Development in Iraq (LOGDEVI) is currently being implemented by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), and its affiliate SKL International, together with the Iraqi Research Foundation for analysis and Development (IRFAD). Implementation period runs from 2018 to 2022, with a focus on the three governorates of Duhok, Diwanyah and Muthanna.


The overarching goal of the project is working towards local governance and service delivery which is effective, people-centred, and accountable. To achieve this LOGDEVI is built around two distinct components – one implemented in the Kurdistan region with a thematic focus on inclusive education and child protection, and one implemented in the south of Iraq where decentralisation reform is the focus area.

South component

The project objective for the south component is defined as: Policy framework, systems, and processes are established which are conducive for effective decentralisation in Muthanna and Diwaniyah – and serve as a model for the rest of Iraq. Decentralisation is a highly complex sociopolitical process that in most countries takes decades and constantly evolves. Considering the early stages of decentralisation in Iraq the project has deemed it crucial to not only focus on service delivery, but to pay attention to local administrative, financial, and planning capacities, as well as gaps and ambiguities in assigned mandates and authorities.

Examples of key project activities

  • Development of a directory of unicipal services
  • Definition of annual sector plans and local policies
  • Organisational development of Administrative and Financial Affairs departments
  • Strengthening of Provincial Planning and Development Councils.

North component

The project objective for the north component is defined as: Integrated governance for improved service delivery and child protection in Kurdistan region of Iraq. It takes the starting point in the progressive ambitions of the Kurdistan Regional government – central and local – to safeguard the rights of children and other vulnerable groups and the dedication to develop official systems and structures to support this work. In order to address complex social problems there is a need for different sectors and levels of government, and for the civil society, to collaborate and develop integrated ways of working.

Examples of key project activities

  • Piloting of models for inclusive education
  • Institutionalisation and development of the Duhok Child Protection Committee
  • Definition of standard programmes for child protection
  • Organisational development of DoLSA in Duhok.

How we work

LOGDEVI applies a systems approach to local governance. Besides addressing local government capacity gaps, finances, organisational structures, planning processes, or decision-making procedures, any effort aimed at addressing local governance must also include the interactions and relations between, and among, local and central actors. Our project is made possible by having a continuous presence in Duhok, Diwaniyah, and Muthanna. This enables us to build trusting relationships across and between local government institutions. The project works in close ollaboration and coordination with local and central government epresentatives of Iraq and Kurdistan Region, as well as with other national and international organisations engaged in the same thematic field.

Contact: Zuleika Candan, Project Manager, zuleika.candan@skr.se, Tel: +46 728 845 120

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