Published 16 March 2023

Recruitment: Senior Project Coordinator for Sustainable municipal waste management services in North Macedonia

SALAR International is implementing the Sida-financed project “Sustainable municipal waste management services” (SMW) in North Macedonia.

The overall goal of the project is to improve municipal waste management services with a view to full compliance with EU standards, thus improving environmental sustainability and quality of life for all inhabitants.

Based in North Macedonia, the Senior Project Coordinator (SPC) will be working closely with the project management team from SALAR International in Stockholm, International and Municipal Experts from Sweden as well as a Team Leader and National Experts from North Macedonia. On these grounds, SALAR International is seeking to engage a qualified SPC who can support the effective coordination of project activities and contribute to the successful implementation of project strategies as well as facilitate the interaction with key partners and stakeholders.

The SPC will be engaged as a consultant for a total of 620 working days over the period during April 2023 – March 2027.

For more details on the assignment, please read the Request for Proposal.

Deadline and questions

Proposals must be received at the email address:, no later than March 15, 2023.

Request for proposal senior project coordinator North Macedonia