Published 11 September 2023

Request for Proposals: Local Public Finance Expert in Armenia

SALAR International is looking for a Local Public Finance Expert to SALAR’s Project in Armenia “Support to decentralisation and local self-government reforms (DeaLoG)”. The positions shall be a consultancy contract for a period of 5,5 months with possibility of prolongation.

The Local Public Finance Expert should be experienced, professional, self-motivated person with
high proficiency in both English and Armenian, who can work effectively in a dynamic and
changing environment, support Project partners (especially Ministry of Finance of Armenia) in
development of relevant knowledge and capacities in the field of public finances and fiscal
aspects of local self-governance and decentralisation in order to reach the targeted results
within a limited timeframe. The position requires integrity, innovation, problem-solving skills,
professionalism, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work as an effective team member.

The Local Public Finance Expert will support developing and steering approaches and activities
within the Fiscal decentralisation Component of the Project. The Expert will provide technical
backstopping to research, analyses and reports drafting as well as support the Ministry of
Finance of Armenia with capacity development. The Local Public Finance Expert will be working closely together with SALAR International’s key international and local experts in Public Finance by providing relevant inputs, such as (or based on) available data on sub-national (including local) finances, monitoring performance of subnational budgets, as well as analysing and developing possible scenarios for changes to local self-government (LSG) finances and fiscal decentralization pillars such as assignment of expenditure responsibilities (i.e. distribution of functions among the different government levels), allocation of revenue sources, inter-governmental transfers and sub-national borrowing/debt

Location and duration

The assignment is a part-time consultancy engagement (75%) and the Local Public Finance Expert is expected to be located in Yerevan, Armenia.

A short-term consultancy contract will be signed between SALAR International and the Local Public Finance Expert, from starting date until February 2024 with possibility for prolongation.

Request for Proposals

Last date for questions on the Terms of Rerference is September 15, 2023. Final date for submission of proposals is September 19, 2023, at 18:00.

Proposals and questions should be sent by email to: .
Mark your email with Local Public Finance Expert DeaLoG in the subject.

Request for proposals: Local Public Finance Expert in Armenia Pdf, 165 kB.