Published 15 June 2023

Request for Proposals: Public Finance Expert in Armenia (Prolonged application period)

SALAR International is searching for a Public Finance Expert in Armenia. The role includes steering and developing the approaches and activities within the Fiscal decentralisation Component of the Project.

“Support to Decentralisation and Local Self-Government reforms” (DeaLoG) is a SALAR Project in Armenia during 2022-2026. The Expert will provide technical support in researching, analysing and reports drafting. The Public Finance Expert will be responsible for developing networks and conducting strategic dialogue with key national and local stakeholders in Armenia.

The Public Finance Expert will be working closely together with SALAR International’s key experts in Public Finance by providing assistance based on available data for sub-national and local finances, monitoring, as well as analysing possible changes to local self-government (LSG) finances.

Location and duration

The implementation of the project “Support to Decentralisation and Local Self-Government reforms in Armenia” is expected to last for approximately 3 years starting with the Phase I March 1, 2023 –
February 28, 2024, and then continuing with the Phase II March 1, 2024 – February 28, 2026.

The estimated engagement level of the Public Finance Expert is 30% of working time (up to 5 days per month) during the Implementation phase I. For the Implementation Phase II and other possible SALAR-International assignments in the region, the
level of engagement can be increased.

The assignment will involve regular travels to Armenia and possibly other countries. The consultant is expected to participate in debriefings and other meetings at the SALAR International office in Stockholm when deemed necessary

Request for Proposals

Last date for questions on the Terms of Rerference is June 22, 2023, after which a summary of replies will be sent to tenderers who have expressed their intention to submit a proposal.

Final date for submission of proposals is August 7, 2023.

Proposals and questions should be sent by email to:

Request for Proposals: Public Finance Expert in Armenia Pdf, 324 kB.