Published 30 March 2023

Local Sustainable Development

To address global trends and challenges like rapid urbanisation and climate change all strategies and actions need to be anchored locally. Local and regional governments play a key role in sustainable development both from an environmental, socio-cultural and economic perspective.

With a proper institutional framework, local authorities are ideally placed to support environmental protection measures, holistic and integrated management of public services and ecosystems.

They have the impetus to spur development through inclusive and participatory processes, innovation and investments in technology as well as climate mitigation and adaptation measures.

An effective institutional framework is essential for local sustainable development to take place. The framework includes key aspects such as: good governance, legislation and policies as well as a sustainable revenue base and incentives.

Sustainable development also depends on committed, visionary and capable leadership as well as cooperation between various sectors and multiple actors including civil society, private sector, citizens and the most vulnerable groups.

SALAR International’s work to promote and strengthen local sustainable development includes support from the early stages of visionary and strategic planning on to tangible service delivery and implementation of development projects on the ground.

Together with its partners, SALAR International supports development and implementation of sustainable strategies and plans integrated and inclusive solutions; as well as processes and framework for civic participation and cross-sectorial cooperation.


  • Preparing Serbian local governments for the EU

    The project “Sustainable and inclusive service delivery at local level” helps preparing Serbian local authorities to adjust to EU standards and regulations by improving conditions for services delivery by enabling local dialogue and improving public administration.
  • Support to local governance in Türkiye and Lebanon hosting Syrian refugees

    Around 6.6 million Syrians have sought refuge abroad. The global pandemic and financial crisis have created enhanced competition for jobs between host and refugee communities and increased anti-refugee sentiments. SALAR International supports local governments in Türkiye and Lebanon to become resilient in the reception of refugees from Syria.
    Lebanon, Türkiye