29 August 2022


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EU Accession

The European charter of local self-government, promoted by the Council of Europe, provides principles for political, administrative and financial independence of local authorities. We guide EU candidate countries and countries already in the union through EU local government policies and legal frameworks.

These aspects guide our work with candidate and potential candidate countries to the EU as well as countries falling within the neighbourhood policies of the EU.

Except for the Swedish experience of EU accession, SALAR and SALAR International both have a long and rigorous experience of supporting the most recent candidate countries with legal advice and reforms.

SALAR International has provided technical assistance to many new member states while they were still in accession. This work comprises cooperation with ministries, national agencies, local governments and NGOs. Our work includes services related to:

  • Technical assistance in line with European local governance and good practice
  • Technical assistance in alignment with EU legislation
  • Guidance to associations in conducting impact analysis of European Integration and harmonization
  • Guidance to access EU funding
  • Expertise for the Committe of Regions
  • Advice to EU-impact studies in Turkey and Albania

One organisation we cooperate with is Platforma, which coordinates the voice of European local and regional authorities in the field of decentralised cooperation. During 2011-2014, Platforma is conducting a policy-oriented project aiming to support the European Commission to explore how it could create space for Local Authorities and Associations of Local Authorities in policy dialogue, as well as to help it better understand Local Authorities contexts in partner countries. SKL International participates in the project by conducting regional seminars for the Middle East and Eurasia in end 2013-2014 together with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), United Cities of France (CUF) and International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF).


  • serbia country side
    SERBIA - Support to Municipalities on the Road to EU Accession
    This project has the overall aim of preparing Serbian local authorities for EU accession, with improved conditions for high-quality services, enhanced dialogue with stakeholders and more efficient local administrations. It continues the successful partnership between the Serbian and Swedish local government associations, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) and SALAR/SKL, between 2011 and 2015.As Serbia approaches a potential date for EU accession there is a need for municipalities and the local government association SCTM to prepare. Higher-quality services, enhanced dialogue with stakeholders and more efficient local administrations will be essential if the country is to meet EU standards and make the most of the opportunities that accession will bring.
  • Bosnia
    BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Strengthening Associations of Municipalities and Cities
    Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) two Associations of Municipalities and Cities (AMCs) represent all the local self-government units in the country, apart from the Brčko District. As the country pursues EU membership these Associations are uniquely positioned to help advance EU integration, as a substantial number of mandatory European-law-based regulations have to be carried out by local governments.

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SALAR International

SALAR International is a company, owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. We focus on the development of well-functioning local and regional administrations.