Published 5 April 2024

Inclusive Local Governance Programme (INLOG) for local government actors in the MENA Region

INLOG is a programme that provides an opportunity to enhance capacity and be part of a ‘Community of practice’ on local governance and local development in the MENA region. The programme is designed and implemented by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) to enhance regional and local governance practice in the MENA region and provide support to overcome the challenges that municipalities and regions have to face, such as, local and regional development, service delivery, citizens participation, digitalization and climate adaptation.

The programme is financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), based on the Swedish government’s strategy for regional development cooperation in the MENA region.

The programme brings together local and national government practitioners such as public servants at local, regional and/or national level, participants from academia, think thanks and civil society organisations (CSOs). The program is aimed for Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, and Syria and will start at two different times in 2024. In order to start with the programme the last week in June the participant needs to apply before the 15/4. In order to start the programme the last week in August the participants have to apply before the 15/6.

INLOG will involve a total of 50 strategically selected practitioners and reform advocates and a country working group for each included country will engage in a process of collaborative policy analysis as part of their capacity building. International and regional experts as well as mentors will be assigned to facilitate discussions and coach the national working groups that will be conformed in each country.

INLOG will be mostly implemented on-line, but also include two on-site regional workshops in which all the participants will meet and discuss experiences. The programme will thereby contribute to enhanced knowledge and skills, and strengthened policy advocacy capacities.

The added value of the Swedish experience

SALAR will engage highly specialised Swedish and international expertise with practical examples from the Swedish local governance model. Regional experts with knowledge of best practices from the MENA region will also be engaged. The programme will bring together local governance practitioners from key institutions, organisations, universities and think-thanks working in local governments or with local governance issues. Together, they will be part of a regional ‘Community of Practice’ where international, regional and national best practices can be discussed and shared. The aim is to support the capacity development of practitioners and policy makers who can contribute to improved local practices as well as policy dialogue on local governance in their respective countries, and in addition the MENA region through dialogue, joint work and knowledge enhancement with the support and mentoring of experts.

The expected results of the programme

The programme will lead to enhanced knowledge, skills and commitment of local governance practitioners in areas related to inclusive local governance and local development. The participants will have strengthened capacity on decentralisation-related practices and better understanding of good national, regional, and international examples as well as better insight into experiences from the region. Furthermore, the participants will have strengthened capacity to apply evidence based strategic initiatives related to local governance as well as acquired in-depth knowledge about the Swedish system of local governance and the work of SALAR.

At the end pf the programme the participants will be part of a regional ‘community of practice’ of dedicated key national and local stakeholders.


The following costs are covered by the program:

  • Travel costs to participate in the two regional seminars (excluding local travel to the international airport)
  • Food and lodging during the regional workshops (single room accommodation)
  • Insurance for participants when travelling outside the home country when participating in program activities


Prolonged application period until May 21.

More information

For more information about the programme or how to apply, download the information brochure and the application form in Arabic, English and French in the following links:

More information about the programme Pdf, 2 MB.

Application form Pdf, 802 kB.
Plus d’informations sur le programme Pdf, 2 MB.

Formulaire de candidature Pdf, 715 kB.



Lucia Acosta
Project Manager