Published 25 October 2023

Request for Proposals: Website developer for DeaLoG in Armenia

SALAR International and the project DeaLoG is searching for a Website developer to support the Ministry of Finance of Armenia in the Development of an Interactive Online Platform on Participative Budgeting.

The potential contractor will design an interactive online platform on Participative Budgeting for the Ministry of Finance of Armenia, which will assure access to all data in user-friendly visible interface (using modern data processing and analysing tools like Power BI, etc.). It shall also have possibility for online discussions and voting, and for provision of online trainings for registered users, ensuring compliance with all cyber security requirements of the Government of Armenia.

The potential contractor will also provide further technical support in maintaining the online platform from the moment of launching it till end of February, 2024, and will gradually transfer the portal maintenance to the relevant IT staff of the Ministry of Finance.

Location and duration

By January 8, 2023, the potential contractor shall have delivered a fully functional Platform.

Request for Proposals

Last date for questions on the Terms of Rerference is November 2, 2023. Final date for submission of proposals is November 16, 2023.

Proposals and questions should be sent by email to:

Request for proposals: Website developer for DeaLoG project Pdf, 164 kB.